Food grains, Oil & Masala : Our staple food supplies will fulfill all your kitchen’s cooking needs

Apni Grocery online store offering Wheat, Rice and dals to meet everyone’s staple food needs. Select from the various edible oils which will make a best cooking match for any recipe. Buy instant masalas finely grounded for an improved taste and quality or choose Raw spices of all kinds to hand pounce your very own masala mix. Our online store presents delicious ready to eat mixes, healthy millets to keep you going. Order now and get the fresh products to your doorsteps.

Snacks : Crunchy snack treats

Apni Grocery bringing the special Indian snacks to make you feel Home. Choose Murukkulu, Chekodilu, Bhel Mixture, or Banana chips for a mouthwatering bite. Freshness sealed packs will keep them crunchy and suits perfect for munching in your bored times. Our store offer India’s favorite snacks to make you go back to your childhood days and the memories of eating your mothers and grandma’s snack recipes. Buy spongy cakes, peanut chikki, KurKure, Pappads and many more.

Dairy & Eggs : Farm fresh Dairy and Eggs

Buy all dairy products and fresh eggs from Apni Grocery. Our store offers the finest quality of fresh milk, Greek yogurt, Desi Yogurt and many more. When it comes to Dairy and Eggs, freshness makes all the difference. Our store’s organic butter and paneer or any other product you order will be guaranteed the utmost freshness and quality. Our quick deliver service will never make you wait for your order. Now enjoy the goodness of nature by ordering protein filled eggs or pack full of yogurt which is a rich source of probiotics.

Meat : Meaty treats

Apni Grocery online stores bringing the quality meat of chicken and goat which is freshly cut and prepared for all the nonveg lovers. A juicy meat can fit for any savory meal to pamper your senses. Frozen chicken and goat are also available. Choose the frozen cooked chicken kababs, lamb kababs and many more for preparing an instant power filled protein recipe. We made available only the best meat which is thoroughly checked for its quality standard. We deliver all the meat orders super-fast to preserve its natural freshness. Order must be placed through Alamo-Farms.

Breakfast, Cereals & Batter : Kick start your day with a healthy breakfast

A tasty and healthy breakfast will make your whole day flavorsome and happy. According to health studies, eating a morning meal helps to manage weight and maintain proper body functioning. For a bowl of delicious breakfast order Cereals or choose from many south Indian breakfast recipes. Whether it is instant Roti Naan or Idli, Dosa batters, Millet Dosa and quinoa Dosa, our store offers all healthy variations to match everyone’s personal preference. Apni Grocery online stores brought you the finest quality breakfast to start an energetic day.

Beverages : Hot & Chilled drinks for refreshing times

A cup of hot beverage or a glass of soft drink is ideal for relaxing your stressed mind. Brew a perfect cup of hot drinks with our Tea, Coffee and Green tea bags or powders. We are also bringing you flavorful fruit juices which are boosted up with natural vitamins and mineral to combat the tiredness. If you want to make your very own mix of fruit juice, choose the juice powder drinks. Cheer up your party times with our store’s sodas and soft drinks. Orders will be delivered quicker upon received.

Personal & Home Care : Beauty and Home utilities

Our store has the best products to care for your Indian beauty. Buy beauty care, hair and oral care, health care products from Apni Grocery online store. Understanding the Indian beauty care needs, we made available the quality products to suit your skin and body the best. Oral care, toothpastes and other items are perfect for a whiter tooth and a brighter healthy smile. All kitchen care items, floor cleaner, dish washer and other tools are available in our store. keep your kitchen clean and tidy, free from grease and cooking smells for a nicer place to cook.